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Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions between you and the therapist.

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Couple's Therapy

Therapeutic process between a therapist and two intimate partners.

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Child Therapy and Assessment

Therapy session between a child and their therapist involving play therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, art therapy etc.  

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is designed to involve a family unit and a therapist to achieve a certain goal identified by the family. 

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Group Counselling

Therapy provided to a group of individuals who have undergone similar issues.

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Life Coaching

This helps you overcome any obstacles you may face, achieve your goals and apply positive changes in your life.

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Employee Therapy - Hisia Psychology Consultants

Employee Psychological Health

Ensuring that an organization’s employees are psychologically healthy.

Senior-Level Executive Support

Providing psychological support to senior-level executives to ensure that they work at optimum levels.

Executive Therapy - Hisia Psychology Consultants
Organizational Therapy - Hisia Psychology Consultants

Organizational Support

Custom-designed support systems to ensure an organization is working at its highest level of efficiency

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