The Unveiling The Queen program was launched by Hisia Psychology Consultants in 2020 with the purpose of empowering women.

Why Unveiling The Queen?

Women hold many titles to them: being a mother, a wife, a career woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a role model among many others. We view these as the layers of the veil. With all these responsibilities, the woman may be overwhelmed and forget to live for herself.

Unveiling The Queen allows a woman to rediscover herself underneath all these layers which is in line with our dream as Hisia – to have a mentally healthy society that is able to live fulfilling lives while being authentic.

When a woman rediscovers herself, she can go through her day carrying out her various roles with a healthier mindset, a positive drive, and the best part is she can do all this while being her authentic self.

What was different in 2022?

Unveiling The Queen 2022 was the first in-person session of this annual program as previous sessions were held online due to the Co-Vid 19 pandemic.
We had renown professionals who addressed the 4 key areas of wellness. These were:
1. Financial planning,
2. Relationships,
3. Personal branding,
4. Legal knowledge.
5. Networking session with other queens.
6. Photography session.

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