Couple Therapy

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Working closely with trained relationship specialists.

Our Couple therapy sessions at Hisia aims to strengthen relationships, resolve conflicts, and foster better communication between partners. By working closely with trained relationship specialists, couples learn how to navigate challenges and deepen their connection.
We utilize empirically validated approaches such as emotionally focused therapy (EFT) to promote understanding, empathy, and collaboration within romantic partnerships. Sessions may focus on topics including:

  • Intimacy issues
  • Trust rebuilding
  • Co-parenting strategies
  • Financial disagreements, or other relational difficulties.

Engage in Conjoint sessions.

At Hisia, our therapists operate from a systemic perspective, acknowledging the influence of external factors (e.g., societal expectations, extended family involvement) on romantic relationships. Conjoint sessions aim to promote empathic listening, validate each partner’s experience, and encourage constructive problem-solving.

When deemed appropriate, therapists might invite additional family members to participate in select appointments, fostering broader understanding and cooperation amongst stakeholders.

By engaging in couple therapy at Hisia, partners often discover;

These improvements translate into stronger bonds capable of weathering inevitable hardships and sustaining long-term commitment.

Improved self-awareness,

Enhanced emotional regulation

Increased resilience against adversity.

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