Life Coaching

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Delve into past experiences to understand present circumstances.

Life coaching at Hisia helps clients clarify values, set meaningful objectives, and devise actionable steps toward realizing aspirations. Unlike traditional therapy, which often delves into past experiences to understand present circumstances, life coaching primarily concentrates on future goal attainment.

Areas of focus:

  • Career advancement.
  • Personal finance management.
  • Time management.
  • Leadership development. 
  • Lifestyle modifications. 


Propel forward in your journey.

Our certified coaches employ strategic questioning, active listening, and resource allocation to propel clients forward in their journeys and adopt a non-judgmental posture, reframing perceived limitations as opportunities for growth and exploration. 

Throughout coaching encounters, clients identify core values, define achievable milestones, and implement practical measures calibrated to elicit incremental progress.

Benefits of life coaching at Hisia include;

Optimal results from life coaching materialize when clients exhibit readiness for change, display openness to feedback, and sustain regular contact with their coach. Over time, clients report marked enhancement in productivity, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life.

Readiness for change

Openness to feedback

Regular contact with their coach

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