Why Choose Us?

As therapists, we offer you a friendly and relaxing atmosphere in which we undertake a holistic approach to ensure you receive the best therapeutic care possible.

Our Specialty

Our therapists are trained to offer specialized services to individuals, families, groups and organizations facing various psychological challenges.

Ambient Environment

We offer serene consulting rooms that are aesthetically designed to ensure you experience a calm and comfortable therapy session.

Wide Reach

Our services cater for clients all across Kenya.
We have built a reputation of providing excellent, tailor designed client care, both during and after therapy.

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What our previous clients have to say.


"Hisia provided me with an exceptional counsellor who has helped me deal with deep-seated issues even I had no idea I had. Dealing with past hurt and buried emotions is never easy, but every Saturday after my session, I am reminded that it is necessary. And worth it!"



"I had trouble focusing on my studies and my exam results never reflected the effort I had put in. My confidence was destroyed and I started getting what I now know are panic attacks.
I was desperate when I came to Hisia and my treatment for anxiety has helped me so much. I'm truly grateful to my therapist at Hisia."



"My abusive relationship ended in divorce and my therapist was very helpful in preparing me for the realities of divorce and life after divorce.
I've concluded my therapy sessions and Hisia have offered me two free follow up sessions. I am so glad I reached out for help."


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