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Welcome to Hisia Psychology Consultants for transformative counseling support that empowers and enriches your life. From individual to family, to group therapy, we’re here to guide you towards holistic wellness.

Our Client Reviews

Being working with the team for the last 4 years . And l can honestly say no matter who else l try l end up going back for my weekly sessions at Hisia.4 years and am a happy client .They are real

Teressia M

A week ago

I am so happy to have started my wellness journey here. I've learnt so much and grown even more. I would highly recommend their services.

Daizy L

3 weeks ago

Very professional and friendly service. I am especially impressed with Nancy Kabiru. She is a fantastic therapist. I am truly thankful to have found your services!

She M

2 years ago

I started my journey with Hisia Psychology at the height of COVID and still going strong. I am grateful for the support I have received in my journey on Mental health wellness, dealing with grief,loss and the financial pressure, navigating family challenges are among the issues I am empowered to handle better and now on a journey the journey with resilience.Hisia Psychology Consultant are worth a visit,you will never regret it.I have been able to have my family receive support as well and I would be happy to refer to Hisia Psychology Consultants.

Corrine M

A week ago

Individual Therapy
Life's journey can be a rollercoaster, right? Our individual therapy sessions are like having a personal guide on this wild ride.
Children Therapy
Kids are like little superheroes, right? Our children therapy is their secret training ground.
Our couples therapy is like your trusted dance instructor, helping you and your partner glide through the steps with grace.

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