• Who Attends Therapy?

    Who Attends Therapy?

    As we reflected on our conversation, we realized that the individuals who attend therapy are courageous, insightful, and inspiring clients.

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  • Endometriosis and Mental Health

    Endometriosis and Mental Health

    Women perform many important roles in various spheres of society. In contemporary times, women have undoubtedly continued to occupy more space and take up even more roles and responsibilities. As such, mental health is paramount for them to render social participation and contribution effectually. It is therefore vital for every […]

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  • How Food Affects Your Mental Health

    How Food Affects Your Mental Health

    As I study nutrition and see how the food we consume has been changing over time, mental health illnesses come to mind as well. There has been an increase in mental health disorders over the last decade and during this period our food has drastically changed. Some of the questions […]

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  • Influence Of Parents On Children’s Mental Wellbeing

    Influence Of Parents On Children’s Mental Wellbeing

    The holiday season is long past and I am sure most of the parents are back to factory reset. Since it’s children mental health awareness week, we dedicate this article on the parental role in a child’s mental wellbeing. Parental role shapes the behaviour, experiences, and health of the children. […]

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  • New Beginnings For Your Relationship

    New Beginnings For Your Relationship

    I was watching a very interesting documentary on the king cobra. This is a very adaptive snake that is fast on land and water and you can also find it on top of trees. The most amazing thing that the snake does is that, for it to grow, it takes […]

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  • 8 Tips To Give your Mental Health a Fresh Start

    8 Tips To Give your Mental Health a Fresh Start

    Mental health is one of the most neglected areas of health globally.  This was true before COVID-19 (coronavirus), but the pandemic has further worsened the status of mental health. There are several reasons why mental health has been ignored. The first one is an associated stigma. The second is a perception […]

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  • Why Consider Group Therapy?

    Why Consider Group Therapy?

    I remember sitting on a coffee date with a friend when he asked me what my highlight was for work this week. I told him that my highlight of this week was conducting a group therapy session. “Group Therapy!!” he expressed in shock. “I thought that went away after the […]

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