The Team

Nancy Wanjiru Kabiru - Therapist at Hisia Psychology Consultants

Nancy Wanjiru Kabiru

Founder and CEO

Nancy Kabiru, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Hisia, is a trained counselling psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and life coach.
Kenneth Kariuki -Hisia Psychology Consultants - Therapist

Kenneth Kariuki Gichuru

Family and Marriage Counsellor

Kenneth Kariuki is a counselling psychology graduate with experienced Family and Marriage Counsellor.
Sakina Kalyan - Hisia Psychology Consultants

Sakina Kalyan


Sakina Kalyan is a psychotherapist and training clinical psychologist.
Shahela Sheikh - Therapist and Hisia Psychology Consultants

Shahela Kauser Sheikh


Shahela Sheikh is a psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist at Hisia.