Nancy Kabiru
CEO & Founder

Nancy Kabiru, a renown mental wellness champion, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hisia Psychology Consultants Ltd. She is a trained counseling psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist, life and executive coach and a Kaizen practitioner.

Nancy is a member of Kenya Psychologist and Counsellors Association. She is also a member of the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya.

She is passionate about women empowerment and has participated in over 100 forums aimed to empower women and has been a key note speaker in most of them. She is also a volunteer at the Centre of Domestic Violence.

Nancy is a burst of positive energy which helps her create a cheerful environment which enables her address stereotype and sensitive topics.

She specializes in providing solutions for organizations through occupational psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and she is highly skilled in providing comprehensive group therapy.

She has worked with over 70 organizations using the Kaizen Technique to achieve maximum potential in the organization.

Kenneth Kariuki

Kenneth Kariuki, a counselling psychology graduate, has an extensive experience of over 10 years dealing with individuals, groups and corporates.

Kenneth is a member of Kenya Psychologist and Counsellors Association. He is also a member of the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya, who employs positive psychology and conditioning exploration techniques in his engagements.

He is a keen listener and observer who uses rationale to help his clients move from a mere functional level to a more optimal level of functioning.

He is a certified trainer of trainers and facilitators (ToT, ToF) who has over 400 testimonies of clients who have walked the wellness journey and ended up living a more quality satisfying life. He has trained over 100 organization on social life and psychology related topics.

Shahela Sheikh

Shahela Sheikh is a trained counselling psychologist with a strong neurolinguistic programming skills (NLP) and CBT approach. She specializes in dealing with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem in children, teenagers and adults. She employs creative art therapy techniques in her sessions with a twist of play therapy techniques to deal with behavioral conduct disorders, learning disorders, autism, ADHD, among others.

She has attended over 15 adult and children conferences both locally and internationally.

She is a good listener and she utilizes her cognitive behavioral therapy skills which help her engage patients in a thought-challenging process.

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