Group Therapy

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Providing Opportunities for Shared Learning.

Group therapy brings together individuals facing similar challenges, providing opportunities for shared learning, mutual support, and increased accountability. Led by skilled facilitators, groups offer participants a chance to practice newly acquired skills within a structured yet dynamic context.

Types of groups available at Hisia include:

  • Psychoeducation workshops.
  • Process-oriented support groups.
  • Therapeutic communities centered around specific themes such as mindfulness, assertiveness training, anger management, or substance abuse recovery. 

Various types of Group Therapy.

We offer several types of group therapy, catering to distinct demographics and presenting concerns. Examples include:

  • Process groups geared towards exploring intrapersonal dynamics.
  • Psychoeducational groups designed to impart knowledge on specific topics (e.g., managing anxiety, building assertiveness)
  • Support groups centered around shared experiences (e.g., bereavement, chronic illness). 

All groups adhere to stringent participant selection criteria, ensuring optimal fit and compatibility.

Benefits of Group therapy at Hisia include;

Participants in group therapy frequently cite three primary advantages: validation derived from hearing fellow sufferers articulate similar struggles; inspiration gleaned from witnessing successful navigation of comparable obstacles; and camaraderie established via shared endeavors.




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