Addiction Therapy

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Hisia tackles both chemical and behavioral dependencies.

Addiction therapy at Hisia tackles both chemical and behavioral dependencies using comprehensive assessments, evidence-based treatments, and holistic care plans. In conjunction with medical professionals, our addiction counselors provide specialized services addressing alcoholism, drug use, gambling, sex addiction, internet gaming disorder, and shopping compulsions.

Clients benefit from multidisciplinary approaches incorporating motivational interviewing, contingency management, community reinforcement, and twelve-step programs when applicable. Aftercare planning supports sustained sobriety and continued growth beyond formal treatment episodes.

Utilize harm reduction frameworks.

Addressing addiction necessitates thorough biopsychosocial evaluation, accounting for genetic predispositions, environmental triggers, and maladaptive thought patterns contributing to substance misuse or compulsive behaviors.

At Hisia, our addiction therapists utilize harm reduction frameworks, encouraging gradual shifts towards healthier alternatives rather than insisting on complete abstinence from the outset. This strategy tends to yield higher engagement rates and ultimately promotes sustainable recovery.

Hisia has ancillary services that include;

Clients receiving addiction therapy at Hisia can expect access to ancillary services such as support groups, educational seminars, and relapse prevention planning. A strong emphasis on aftercare reduces recidivism risks and fortifies clients against relapse threats.

Support Groups

Educational Seminars

Relapse Prevention Planning

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