Personal Therapy

  1.  This is therapy provided to a group of individuals who have undergone similar issues such as alcohol addiction, sexual abuse and the like.  The benefits of group sessions are that they are more resource friendly since the charges are lower than in individual therapy and they are also less time intensive.
  1. These are one-on-one sessions between you and the therapist.  You may bring any issue to individual therapy as the psychologists at Hisia are equipped to deal with the issues you present.  We have successfully offered therapy for phobias, anger management, stress management, personal development, trauma, grief and loss, abuse and  traumatic childhood experiences amongst others. Unique techniques employed at Hisia include hypnotherapy, somatic therapy, dance therapy and art therapy.
  1. This is the therapeutic process between a therapist and two intimate partners.  Each individual is allowed to present his/her experiences in the relationship to the therapist who remains unbiased throughout the therapeutic process.  The couple sets goals for therapy and the therapist provides the therapeutic interventions needed. Couple’s therapy is resource intensive as it requires longer sessions and the couple invest significant amounts of energy in the sessions.

Hisia has fully equipped a therapy room that is devoted to children’s therapy.  Children respond well to other forms of therapy such as play therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, art therapy etc.  while adults easily respond to talk therapy. Children’s therapy requires the consent of an adult guardian or parent. Children’s therapy allows children to communicate their experiences, thoughts and emotions in a safe, comfortable and appreciative environment.

  1.  Family therapy is designed to involve a family unit and a therapist to achieve a certain goal identified by the family.  The process is designed to nurture change and development within the family unit. Common issues raised in family therapy are conflict resolution and altering communication skills from ineffective to effective.  Family therapy sessions are time and energy intensive for all participants.
  1. At Hisia, we offer life coaching services to help you overcome any obstacles you may face, achieve your goals and apply positive changes in your life  Life coaching helps you to identify what is preventing you from achieving your goals and helps you to formulate a plan of action the will ensure you become the best you can be.  Life coaching involves guidance, empowerment and improvement in your life. Our goal at Hisia is to ensure your potential is unleashed.
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