Occupational Psychology

Employees are the backbone of every organization.  Ensuring that your employees are psychologically healthy is proven to increase employee output, improve effectiveness, improve job satisfaction, reduce the occurrence of costly mistakes, eliminate wastage of energy, time and financial resources, ensure healthy work-life balance for employees and address conflict resolution.  At Hisia, our consultancy team will design a programme tailored to identify the areas that require attention within your employee setup, conceptualise a strategy to address the issues and implement the techniques to ensure that your employees develop a healthy symbiotic relationship with your organization

At Hisia, we are aware of the crippling amounts of pressure and stress executives experience at the workplace.  In addition, senior-level executives make difficult decisions and can feel a disconnect between what the organization requires them to do and their natural emotional responses. 

  These valuable members of an organization require psychological support to ensure that they work at optimum levels. Senior-level executives are valued highly for their minds and what they are able to direct their mental prowess in achieving for the organisations they work for. An organisation’s most valuable return of investment is in ensuring their senior-level executives are psychologically at peace.

Hisia Psychology Consultants offers custom designed support systems to ensure an organization is working at its highest level of efficiency.

The systems we put in place address interview and hiring processes, excessive employee turnover, low employee effectiveness. stress management, anger management, prevention and treatment of burnout, conflict resolution among others.  

These systems help organisations eliminate resource wastage, ensure healthy growth and effective development.

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