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What to expect in the Mental Health Garage?

This is a male program aimed at creating mental health awareness among men. We do this using various tools such as webinars, workshops and on one on one conversations on topics around mental health. We also employ play and various other engaging activities.
We conduct research on matters health and wellness among men and have partnered with several male groups and organizations to offer first aid therapy in situations where it is needed.
We have created a safe space for men to access support, help and information on mental health and speak about mental health. Just like when a car is taken to the garage and opened up to fix where the problem is, same thig happens at the mental health garage. The men are assured that it’s okay to be okay, or not to be okay, there’s nothing wrong with them, but a regular checkup is required to ensure if there’s a faulty part it is attended to.
We enable them to open up, be vulnerable and tackle issues that most people find it hard to talk about or completely ignore. They get access to information that is crucial to their wellness journey. We encourage the experience of those uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, loneliness, anger expression, guilt, grief and loss acceptance, as well as the positive emotions such as joy, expressions of ones needs and wants etc.
Manning up is toxic and no longer an answer. Opening up and reaching out for help is a sign of strength that we all need.
Mental health expert research states that every individual requires to have a mental health assessment every 6 months.a

Why Don't Men Talk About Mental Health?

Men talk and they talk a lot, right? They talk about business, jobs, responsibilities they have, relationships but rarely about how they feel mentally emotionally and psychologically. Men have been conditioned by society to be tough, strong, dominant and in control, and thus men struggle with vulnerability and expressing how they feel.

Research also suggests that men who can’t be vulnerable about their emotions may be less able to recognize symptoms of mental health problems in themselves, and less likely to seek help. Men may also be more likely to use potentially harmful coping methods such as drugs or alcohol and less likely to talk to family or friends about their mental health. Data on Suicide rates show a high rate in men compared to women because they are three times likely to commit suicide while using dangerous methods

Why Does Men's Mental Health Matter?

Every function in a human begins in the mind, and the mind influences how we perceive and interpret information, how we behave as well as how we feel.

In a family setting, every individual plays a role that enables them to gain a sense of belonging.
Thus good mental health -:
a) Improves self-esteem
b) Reduces stress and anxiety
c) Reduces the risk of depression
d) Contributes to positive family relationships
e) Creates a sense of unity and accountability.

Good mental health in a family contributes to the overall identity, drive, and satisfaction of its family members.

To society, it is challenging to have addressed mental health cases as:-
a) Societies perception and productivity is affected
b) Safety is also questionable when members are unable to interact freely.
c) There could be chaos when matters are unaddressed.

Thus when a society is mentally healthy it is whole health-wise, peaceful, and productive.

For the economy
1. Little or no economic crisis as members of the society are productive
2. Continual growth in income
3. Adequate workforce due to fewer sick cases
4. Inventions and advancement as the curious nature of human beings is maintained at an optimal

What We Are Doing

In response to the great need to create awareness and advocate for men’s mental health, we have come up with various forums to help men be aware of their mental health and seek help.

Launch of Men's Mental Health Campaign 2022

Do you want to join us in this noble cause of advocating for men’s mental health?
You can help us in reaching more men through online platforms and other platforms.

You can donate through our M-Changa account. Below are the details:

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Past Forums

The Dilly Dallying Man [VIDEO]

Who is a Dilly Dallying Man? What does he seek? And what causes such behaviour in a man? Our family and marriage counsellor Kenneth Kariuki elaborates on this concept of The Dilly Dallying Man and what can be done to help men out of this behaviour.

Misconceptions of Masculinity [VIDEO]

In celebration of International Men’s Day, let’s have a look at some of the misconceptions about masculinity in a relationship. Our family and marriage counsellor Kenneth Kariuki explains some of these misconceptions and some of the ways we can overcome them.

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