If you experience any of the following and it interferes with your normal functioning in daily life: Feeling overwhelmed Fatigue for most of the day or most days of the week Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy Feelings of hopelessness Anxiety and/or panic attacks Difficulty in controlling anger Difficulty in controlling stress Difficulty managing thoughts, emotions and/or behaviour Difficulties in your relationship with yourself and/or others Experiencing loss through
Yes, psychologists work with normal people undergoing a difficulty. At Hisia, we work to empower you to address any turmoil you may be experiencing in your thought process, emotional process and your resulting behaviour
Each person is unique, as such, you will bring into therapy your unique history, unique relationships, unique thought pattern, unique personality, unique emotional response and unique behavioural response. Your Hisia consultant will ensure you receive a therapy schedule that is tailored to your therapeutic needs.
No. At Hisia Psychology Consultants, we work with normal people who face challenges as they maneuver through life. If an individual is diagnosed with a mental disorder that requires medical intervention, our team is equipped with the necessary contacts for referral for psychiatric intervention.